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Our consultants carry over 15 years of core technical consulting expertise in the area of Application Integration, Big Data, Analytics, Mobile and Cloud . Technology is critical to your success, but it requires constant care and planning to support your growing operations, as well as position you for ongoing success. Unfortunately, with limited in-house resources, activities like system updates, assessments and routine maintenance can end up on the back burner. IT consulting from Gravitykey Technologies ensures you realize the full return on your technology investment by expertly matching your technology needs Our committed team of professionals will empower you with technology so you can be on top of the game. When you partner with our committed IT Consultants, you can relinquish your IT concerns and get on with business as usual

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Platforming experience is in our DNA, where we have spent a lot of time building scalable platforms for leading clients and product companies.

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Building new products, services and business models. Gravitykey can help organizations transform their business, operating and technology models in the digital era. With demanding customers at the center of today’s value chain, delivering engaging products and experiences is ever more important. Gravitykey Digital Business helps you engage customers by envisioning and building innovative products and experiences, developing go-to-market approaches and inventing disruptive new business models. Our strategists enable businesses to generate new growth, meaningful differentiation and real economic value. We can collaborate with you to inspire intelligent products, disruptive strategies, and new ways of engaging customers across every channel. Gravitykey can help you differentiate your business and seize the enormous growth opportunities that digital platform makes possible.

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Our solution scope helps in Social media insights, digital marketing, congnitive insights and reporting.


Make life simple and easy with ready to use mobile app services.

Technical Consultation

Identify best tools, frameworks and technologies for Big Data, Analytics, IoT with the help of our consultants.


Our e-commerce solution can build applications at scale to handle any volume of your business.


Increase focus on Innovation

Develop an effective strategy for your cloud migration journey. Cloud migration is a critical step towards digital transformation, innovation and operational resilience. It enables forward-thinking organizations to keep up with the rate of change and scale, to meet future needs. Gravitykey can help you retire your technical debt and increase focus on innovating for customers. We will also apply the best practices and customer use cases based on our experience to your specific cloud migration needs.

Accelerating your Migration to Cloud

Our cloud migration strategy will focus on the essential principles and tools for large scale cloud migration. The will also include the specific service provider’s migration framework, building an effective business case and the economics of cloud, to accelerate your migration journey.

Services for Data Migration

Gravitykey will provide services to design your cloud IT environment that can leverage the cloud data migration benefits. Our focus will be to overcome the challenges faced by your organization.

Retiring Technical Debt and Leveraging Existing Licenses

Learn about the practicalities of bringing existing licenses to the cloud and the cost savings of running workloads on cloud. Find out other ways in which your organization can retire the technical debt by using cloud to run its Workloads.

“We continue to innovate and evolve as a cutting edge start-up firm”

~ Pradeepa , Co-founder @ GravityKey

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